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Government Of Assam Health & Family Welfare



    Handing over of the Website of



    1. The Website of the department has been completed in all respects as per the scope of work vide order no : HLB/427/2106/101  dated: 4/3/2017.


    2. The Master Service Agreement signed between the department and the agency ON 6/03/2017 has been adhered to.


    3. Trainings have been completed and Training manual handed over to the Website Information Manager    Sri Raju Das            on 11/07/2018..


    4. The credentials of the website are being handed on this day 11/07/2018 after which the department takes the ownership of the website.


    5. Agency will henceforth, after the signing as on today, not have any credentials in any form whatsoever to access the website and will not be responsible for the content of the website.




     (Taking over)                                                                                   (Handing over)



    Responsible Officer/                                                                       Agency Representative

    Website Information Manager





    (Name , Signature & Seal)                                                            (Name & Signature)




    Note: A copy of the above template may be communicated to the Secretariat Administration department with a copy sent to wdc.assam@gov.in)


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